Surrounding everyone with love until they are bursting within with their own Light (knowledge of my truth and the truth I have learned through my own journey) Sharing my Light (My knowledge and the light Knowledge channeled to me ) to help humanity return to the Peace ,Love ,and Oneness within us all !!!

The Truth is within The LOVE SEED Activation

As a result of the government making genetic modifications to the Human DNA and through changing frequencies within media and many other devices all mind altering frequencies, and the truth is all death spirits are within the air and a part of your environment , almost all of our foundational circuits within the brain are in a state of SHOCK and formed a disconnection from those contaminated DNA STRANDS, most of us are all creating a distorted sense of Self and  view Life from another perspective of who you are….  this is called{ Self DESTRUCTION}that has led most humans to LIVE LIFE in fear, shame, guilt and within many other trapped energies and emotions within the blood cells, tissues,  and organs . Most physical bodies are riddled with disease, and suffering from the limitations of many other programmers beliefs, or as I call them TRUE LIES as all humans are within these 2 STRANDS struggling from death spirits and their own reprogrammable thought imprints of fears of living LIFE, and they all trigger the stuffed energies with the blood cells tissues and organs in the body as they couldn’t deal with them as a child or seeing a mirror of them within others around us and these are the SPIRITUAL, MENTAL, AND PHYSICAL imprints I am able to release within the DNA from all the family genetics and their environmental attachments .The disruption and constant constriction of the blood cells to the bio-circuitry within the brain are from the carnal Parents teachers preachers lovers friends society and breathing in dead spirits through the mouth as carnal spirits of death are the ones programming you, and sending frequencies triggering anything relating to our primal Means PARENTS LOVERS AND SOCIETY resonant frequency and tones.  This is the past frequency within the discordance within your PAST relationships within your mothers and fathers VIEL as it was their taught ways and opinions of us and how we should be…. that affects our ability from FEELING LOVE ONES  engaged WITHIN you in a LOVE frequency of a divine energetic bond needed in all relationships. However, it is no longer necessary and ultimately non-effective to repeat and engage in STUCK in lengthy postmortems of your generations (shadows) childhood triggers, casting all ourselves to go into the victim trauma- A BLACK HOLE vortex of past tragedies and injustices, reinforcing and Identifying with these identities giving them power to create for you and they are all anchored in dis -empowering scenarios. By re-connecting the  LOVE SEED  connected to all the vital circuits that relate to your TRUTH of conception, gestation of energies, rebirth and all past childhood is released, healing is integrated within the RNA within the DNA and at cellular level.

The Ceremony of  Christ  is a reunion to our Original Innocence and it takes us back to our first choice LOVE, prior to our first breath, reminding us of our true identity – WE ARE ALL LOVE and BEAUTIFUL creators rather than victims… The key to this whole paradigm shift in perception is forgiveness, as it is the foundation for all in the journey called LIFE. To embrace forgiveness with all your heart is to see all through eyes of COMPASSION part of embodiment with all beings with love, upon which is based on the fundamental Human ethic, acknowledging your OWN “response-ability” within the ONENESS interconnectedness of all creation.
Although it is genetically possible to be born with some of the Water Circuits connected the GIFTS stored are almost always constricted by INCARNATIONs guilt, regret and anger. Reconnecting these circuits within the heart and brain clears all those negative emotions, liberating all your relationships from all past destructive patterns and opens your heart to receive LOVE and your Gifts of Spirit
The also opens the connection of the Thymus gland Circuit and activates the ALL the T-cells of the immune system BOOSTING YOUR VIBRATION. This has a VERY powerful effect on Your physical health as it reversing all aging and physical traumas and environmental damages done to all your blood cells tissues and organs TOXINS IN FOOD AND WATER  With this it also opens the connection of the Air Circuits, the pineal gland-hypothalamus-pituitary gland is de-calcified Starts forming a Crystal and is healed revitalized to its original size of a ping pong ball, as the pineal gland is now enabled also to receive transmission the full spectrum of the geometric language of light and sound uniting all universes.

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