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The art of intuitive energy healing lies within the equal balancing of the human energy field.

Your optimum physical health and overall well-being comes from maintaining a balanced flow of life energy.

Tiffany Keefer is a natural born healer and her mission is to be a blessing in your life by helping you to transform your energy, health and life!

Tiffany’s intuitive DNA healing brings an optimal flow of energy through each chakra and that promotes relaxation, clarity, overall well being and lower stress levels to the recipient.

Tiffany allows her intuition to guide her to get a sense of what the underline issue is, where it lies and how it started. She can sense which energy channels and chakras are blocked and through her insights she can move the stuck energy and balance it through your body.

Tiffany Keefer is a vessel and messenger called to us to share her calling to shift and connect us through RNA and DNA Activations. Her truth is through her activations, she calls this experience the “Love Seed”.

You will feel warmth and vibrations through your personal Activation. You will feel like you can reach for the stars and feel peace and tranquility. You will be on a path to strive for your goals, abundance will follow and you will make a positive difference every day.


Balanced energy is the essence of health. We are all born with the power to heal ourselves. Intuitive energy healing can access the universal healing energy, allowing it to flow to the body which enhances the healing process. As your energy becomes more balanced, you will feel more joy and vitality.

Energy Healing is the art of balancing the human energy field and it works on every level of your life—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually…
Tiffany Keefer


Balance Your Mind, Body and Spirit with
Intuitive DNA Energy Healing